Jared Mackenzie — 3D Artist based in Whitmore Lake, MI

Blackgate Rises

PC game – RPG


Blackgate Rises tells the story of a young knight in training. She has dedicated her life to protecting those that can’t do it themselves. She was raised from a very young age by the Black Guard. She has dreamed her whole life of joining the Guard and serving the king. Today is her first mission. However, the world is much bigger than she could have imagined.


In depth maps
Intriguing story and characters
Many Custom graphics
Unique animations
Dozens of monsters including several Mini-boss fights.
Learn monster abilities and use them against your enemies
Intense soundtrack
1.5 hours of main story!  Plus side missions and continue playing after the credits to fight much tougher battles and get better loot
Grow herbs to use in battle
ForIGMC(Indie Game Making Contest) RoleThis is my project